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Hotel "Energetik"
Tel/fax: +7-34365-3-40-44/+7-34365-3-47-87 Address:Russia, Sverdlovskay obl., Asbestovski р-н, п. Rephtinsky, ул. Molodejnay 2b
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About us

Our hotel "Energetik" is located in the village Reftinskiy, Sverdlovsk region, on the shore of the pond.

The hotel complex includes:

In our hotel complex the hospitable, friendly staff will greet you and make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible.


There are different categories of rooms in our hotel: single, double, triple rooms, as well as luxe and deluxe
Room price/Price Rooms
Shower, WC, TV in every room.
In the luxe and deluxe rooms there are also a fridge and air conditioning.
In the foyer of the 2nd и 3ndfloors you will be able to sit on comfortable sofas and watch TV or organize a business meeting.

You will appreciate our delicious cuisine and reasonable prices.
The bar may offer big choice of drinks.
Business lunch from Monday to Friday lasts from 12 till 15 o'clock. It costs 150 rubles.
We take orders for weddings, anniversaries, corporate parties.
There are 2 halls in our cafe:
  1. The hall for accomodation of 25-30 people
  2. The hall for accomodation of 70-80 people
Varied menu.
The cost of the event for one person starts from 1200 rubles
Rent of the hall is for free.
At your request an entertainment program can be ordered:
  • Decoration of the Hall
  • Tamada
  • DJ
  • Show artists
  • etc

In our sauna there are:

  • Spacious sweating-room made of specially treated lime and wood of abachi
  • Comfortable swimming pool equipped by double cleaning and water sterilization
  • Large plasma panel
  • Large, comfortable rest room
  • Bar counter, refrigerator
  • Large billiard-table
  • Table football and air hockey
  • Jacuzzi

Moreover, visitors of the sauna can order meals and drinks from the cafe menu.

Rental cost of the sauna is 1200 rubles per hour (from January 1, 2017)
The prices are set for a company of ten people per one hour - 50 rubles per hour.
Each additional person - 50 rubles per hour
Children up to 7 years with parents for free
Holiday prices are equal to weekend prices.

Tel.: 8-904-381-85-21; 8-34365-3-40-44
For sauna service contact 8-34365-3-47-87


Name Type Price (RUB) / per night
Single room
(30 rooms)
19 rooms
Single bed, shower, bathroom, TV, fridge
1 600
Breakfast, lunch, dinner
1 room
Single bad, TV, bathroom, fridge, air conditioning
2 000
Breakfast, lunch, dinner
2 rooms
3 single beds, shower, bathroom, TV 900 per place / 3 000 per night
3 single beds, shower, bathroom, TV
19 rooms
1 room
Double bed, TV, Shower, bathroom, fridge, air conditioning
2 500
Breakfast, lunch, dinner
single room
2 rooms
2 rooms, cushioned furniture, bedroom set, shower cabin, bathroom, TV, DVD, air conditioning 3 000
Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Contact us

Address: Russia, Sverdlovsk Region, Asbestovskij district, village Reftinskiy, Molodezhnaya str., 2b

Tel.: +7-34365-3-40-44, +7-34365-3-47-87

E-mail: mtgs2008@mail.ru